Rolling with the Robsons

Caravanning for All


Welcome to our webpage about our lives and our caravanning journeys and experiences. We are a family of 5 who live in the North East of England near to Sunderland. We are two adults and three children. We hope to give our experiences of caravanning through the lens of being a family with three children. We first went caravanning in July 2017. Out of sorrow came joy as we used some money from my father’s death to pay for our first caravan.

We were also fortunate as the car we owned at the time a Peugeot 5008 had a tow bar already fitted to the car. I completed my B and E licence and passed first time and we were then ready for our adventures.

My family used to caravan went I was in my teens and it was something I never wanted to do. It’s slightly odd that it’s now something that I enjoy writing about and vlogging about.

The Team

Paul – The father of the family and husband to Lucy. This was all my idea so I get the blame for things to do with the caravan. I also film most of the footage and edit the videos.

Lucy – The mother of the family that keeps everything going. Lucy was converted to the idea of a caravan and loves family time when we are away.

Maisie – The oldest child at 9 years old. Very loving and caring and at times strong willed. Maisie loves being inside and outside of the caravan.

Martha – She is currently 6 years old and is the middle child. Martha is happiest making friends on site and interacting with others.

Olivia – The youngest of the team at just 2 years old. The one that currently causes the most chaos in the caravan, you need to make sure everything is out of her reach.

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